DIY for realists.

Outfit's DIY principles.

Fully equipped.

Everything needed to accomplish our projects is delivered. No more 'Forgot that one thing' store trips.

Two by two.

All our projects can be finished in two days by two people. Let's not get stuck with unfinished projects.

Team works.

We always recommend doing our projects with a friend, partner, or family member.

No jargon.

DIY deserves to be accessible. Our tutorials are designed for entry-level, because we're all beginners at something.

Patience makes perfect.

DIY projects go poorly when things are rushed. We help slow things down with methodical, atomic instructions.

No stupid questions.

There are no stupid questions! As architects, we often get stumped by the complexity of buildings. Ask away!


Here's how Outfit works.

Select your kit,
customize the look.

Choose one of our kits that speaks to your tastes & the needs of your home. We have a growing selection of projects to choose from with different variants and colors. Our architects have selected materials that are broadly available and easy to DIY, and chosen tools that are best suited for your chosen project.

Arrives at your door,
like magic.

Once you purchase, we will then go and source materials from local partners and have them show up at your door. Our strategy of working with local retailers helps keep shipping costs down, lead times short, and lowers the carbon footprint of your kit. You'll also be invited to our app where you'll be able to track all the deliveries arriving at your home and be able to invite friends & family to your project to make your build a team effort.

Built in a weekend,
powered by you.

After all the materials arrive, it's time to build! Follow along with our videos, drawings, and instructions that are unique to your project. Getting stuck along the way? We're happy to help. Make sure to hit up our hotline to help debug any issues you have while building.

We're on call,
if you get stuck.

And optional subtext

All in your pocket.

No more pamphlets, bookmarking YouTube, or reading tiny text on the back of the package. We've built an app where your deliveries, instructions, and support, are all in one place.