• Do I need to use power tools?
    We provide hand tools for this project. If you’d like us to include power tools instead (at an additional cost), reach out immediately post-purchase and we’ll swap them out.
  • How do I know which size to choose?

    Measure the width and height of the wall you plan to modify to get the square feet. Then choose the Size with the next-largest square-footage.
  • What if there is a window or door in my chosen wall?

    Our system works with windows & openings. When purchasing, subtract the square footage of the window or door.
  • What if I am a renter?

    This project is 100% reversible.
    Instead of glue, we leverage nails for this project. When you leave your apartment, you can pry off your paneling, patch the small holes and repaint the wall.
  • Will you tell me how to measure out the pattern?
    Yes! We’ll make sure you accurately lay out your chosen pattern before cutting, and attaching, paneling to the wall using a level and pencil to ensure it’s straight & accurate!
  • What if I need a larger size than L?
    Contact us at hello@buildoutfit.com.