It looks easy on TV, but we all know DIY projects are stressful, confusing, and intimidating. Outfit's mission is to change that. We're here for you. With our help, you can improve your home with confidence, and get handier while doing it.

step 1

Pick your style

Select one of our architect-designed kits that fits your space. We'll take care of the rest.
step 2

Materials, tools, delivered.

Weekend trips to the store no more. Every material & tool arrives at your door.
step 3

Follow along

Using our app, take a guided, step-by-step approach through your next project.
step 4

Support when you need it.

Our experts are always available when you need a hand in case you get stuck along the way.

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Heather D.
Austin, Tx

"Everything I needed was delivered with instructions - so the only thing I had to do was the fun part!"

Martha L.
Birmingham, AL

The instructions guided me step-by-step and were very clear. I learned a lot and I think my room looks great!

John C.
Orange Park, FL
Julia L.
Austin, TX

I love how my accent wall turned out! Not having to go into the hardware store is a game changer!